Sunday, May 4, 2008


Work was awesome last week. Now that she is gone, I have no one trying to sabotage my job, no more always looking behind my back.

They have also decided to give me a mini-promotion (of course-no extra money involved), but I get to train people now, which anyone who knows me knows I loveeee to boss people around.

Sucks i have been working 12-15 hour shifts lately and haven't had much time to be online. When i get home, I just want to lay on the couch. My house hasn't been cleaned in a while and I'm starting to run out of clean clothes(thank god for uniforms), but I do enjoy the money that comes with working a lot and that busy/crazy lifestyle. I need to always be doing something, I feel like if I am not always moving, I am wasting time.

The customers have all been great lately. The people who frequent my restaurant are all well-off(but extremely cheap) business types. So far not too many drunk, funny stories, but I'm sure there will be plenty coming.

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