Friday, May 9, 2008

A very talkative woman....

I once had a group of people(about 5-7) sit in my section. All but one of them was great. The one in question was a stuck-up, snobby old woman.

While delivering the food to the table before hers even reached her she began to complain about the temperature of her food. Now how can she complain without even trying it? I have no clue. So i asked her,"Would you like me to take this back". "No, that takes to long, and I want to eat with everyone else". OK. She then said, "If it was made correctly the first time, I wouldn't be complaining". I said, "It really isn't too much trouble and won't be long at all, I'll be right back with it". She still hasn't even tried it.

She went on to explain how she likes to talk a lot while she eats. (OK lady so shut up and eat your damn food already). She told me that when she gets to the last bite, her food is usually cold. I asked her again, "What can I do to help this problem"? She said, "Just stay near so when I need you to heat it, you can do it quickly".

Right, because I don't have 6 other tables to take care of their needs as well. 1 hour later, she is flagging me down. I immediately go over. She barks at me, "Make it hot and do it fast, I don't have time to wait".

She is the only person left eating at the table at this point, everyones dishes have been cleared. I go to the kitchen with her plate and tell the chef to make sure it's so hot it burns her mouth.

Anyway, after all my trouble, the lady calls me over again and says to me, "you really need to tell the chef's to prepare the meals in a way that makes them stay hotter longer." I said, "Listen, not everyone is like you, people want there food to be hot when it comes out and usually eat it all at once, not take a hour to eat a very small entree".

Needless to say, I didn't get much of a tip, but no matter what I did I probably wasn't going to get much of one anyone. Not even if I had a microwave at her table for her to personally heat it up as she chose to.



voodooKobra said...

People need to learn when to shut the hell up.

Ben said...

You've got a good style and an 'easy' rythmn to your words - as well as an attractive layout - can I just offer one piece of advice? Grammar. Check and double check.


Jim said...

I'm not one for detail so didn't pick up on typos and you got the message across - regarding the tips theres just no pleasing some people!

This blog is written from the gut - keep it GO!ng flower smeller.

From all at GO! smell the flowers

K. Fields said...

Great blog, I felt your frustration! Which means really good writing! and as for your comment to the women...great response, she wasn't gonna tip anyways, and someone needed to speak the truth to her, too bad the people at the same table didn't instead of leaving it to you!

aeirin said...

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Soapier said...

You need to carry around a taser, or a bottle of e. coli, or something.

Hang in there.


Da Old Man said...

Can't please all the people all the time. Just do your best, and hope she gets another server next time.

praning5254 said...

"you can't really please everybody", as pointed. I hope next time she'll get what she deserves.

your place should be posted with "STOP TALKING, JUST EAT"

WhoIsMarc? said...

hahaha.i love the humor :) nice style of writing :) good I'll have my hands full with reading your blog :) thanks for sharing.uem,would it be okay to add you on my link list?thanks

Tilak said...

nice one!

Raspberry Grace said...

I used to be a waitress.. one of the most thankless jobs in the world. :(

Keep your chin up! don't let them get you down!

Rasp xx