Sunday, May 11, 2008

Enjoying my day off

I work 6 days a week and every week have off on Sundays. Since today was also Mother's Day, I didn't get anything really accomplished this weekend. I feel I didn't really have a lot of time to devote to my blog, which is actually OK since I didn't really have much of anything to write about.

I hope everyone, whether you are a mom yourself, celebrated with your mom, or enjoyed the day with someone who is "like a mom" to you, had a great day. Here in New Jersey it was finally sunny, it has been raining for what seems like days. I did some shopping with my mom and finished our day off with dinner.

Most people who have been a servers usually are huge critics when it comes to dining out. I fall into that category. We ended up at a large chain restaurant, who I am usually happy with. Today was not really the case.

The server was very nice, he was a little "too nice", as in wouldn't shut up and leave us alone. That drives me crazy. I ordered a water that tasted as if it came from a sewer. We told him originally that we just wanted some appetizers, yet he kept trying to force us into their promotion, which was a huge dinner. We ordered our stuff and very quickly it came out(probably the only good thing that happened). The girl who delivered them, almost dropped the meal onto my lap. Awesome!!

I unwrapped my silverware, to find it looking really nasty and dirty. Luckily, it was mostly finger food because I couldn't find my server to complain. He performed one of many of his vanishing acts he did today. The food was just OK. One of the appetizers was loaded cheese fries, that I had ordered many times before. I guess they had recently changed their fries to McDonald's fries. Besides being overcooked, they are not the kind that should have cheese, sour cream and ranch dressing on them. It was gross.

Not once while eating did the server come back to check on us. I had finished my drink and attempted to wave him down while he was at another table but apparently he didn't see me. Finally after we had finished and placed all of our plates on the edge of the table, he stops by to ask us how everything went, I said, "Fine. Can I please have the check"? He took my water glass at that time, refilled it and delivered the check.

Thanks for the water, now that I'm done eating. I did leave an excellent tip, more than should of been left, but I am a server and I strongly believe in karma. Needless to say, we won't be going back to that restaurant EVER!!! Other than that, had a great day today and I hope all of you did as well.

This week I should have lots of posts, we have a minor league baseball team staying at the hotel as well as some time-share selling banquets that I will be working. Should be a great week. Hope everyone else has one as well.


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