Monday, May 12, 2008

A storm is brewing....


Today was very BLAH...It's been raining since last night. Guess i jinxed it when I said it was finally sunny. Oh well.

Needless to say work was dead, very dead. In the 8 hours I was there 1 table came in. That's right ONE. I was so bored I took my break early and of course that is when the 1 table made their appearance.

So i get back from break and head to the kitchen. One of the new guys I'm training had to take the table since I was gone, so I wanted to see if he needed help with anything.(This guy was hired as a server/busboy--but really just wants to serve) His tables food was about to come out when the supervisor we like to call "The Bitch" comes in. She starts yelling at him that our head boss wants him to go clean the cafeteria(his busboy role). He said, "Fine. When I'm done with my table I will do it". She screams, "That is not good enough, he wants it done now".

Now, we have had it drilled in our heads, not only in this restaurant but everyone one I've ever worked at, the customer comes first. So WHY would our head boss tell someone to desert his table to clean the cafeteria? No clue.

Next thing I know another employee, in the new guys defense, has gotten into the screaming bitch's face and told her how wrong it was that his table got taken away from him etc. It turns into a huge screaming match in the kitchen. The supervisor storms out. Next thing you know the employee who stuck up for the new guy is getting called into a meeting with the supervisor and our head boss. Stories got turned around as usual and the girl who defended him was in trouble while management saw nothing wrong with anything they did (VERY TYPICAL ...i know)

While this meeting was going on, the new guy has gotten so angry he is flipping out in the kitchen about how wrong all this is. I'm trying to calm him down by telling him to ignore it, he won't lose the tip-I will make sure of that. He can't take management so he puts on his coat and leaves the restaurant.

Every day at this place so much drama occurs. It seriously is like a soap opera. I don't know if I can deal with this kind of stress. Customer stress is one thing(that's the kind of stress I enjoy--makes me feel accomplished when it's all over) but this stress is on a whole new level. I know I'm probably not explaining this very well and it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it's what we've been dealing with for 2 months now. Nothing changes, except people quitting who can't take it and new people coming in who have no clue what is about to hit them. Oh well...tomorrow the baseball team comes in so my day should go by quick since it will be really busy.

Hanging in there....


This cartoon I found to be so appropriate for this post...especially that it had only 1 table dining and a fight breaking out in the kitchen....PERFECT!!!!


jeenyus said...

management (in general) remind me of cops (in general) ...
let me count the ways:
1. they both think they're above the law, and usually they're right
(in so much that they get away with WHATEVER!)
2. they punish you for doing the same shit they do, because they can
3. they think that their position somehow automatically makes them better or smarter than the general public (which again, they aren't, but the hold the *all important* power)

basically people in control of any facet of anyone else's life seem to think that they deserve that control, that because they have it they know what to do with it, and that they, and only they, can make the "RIGHT" decisions for us; the poor masses.

unfortunately for "us", all those things are false.

we should rise up and take control of our selves, our desires, and our destinys again.

but it's hard to fight the power when the system has been designed to keep you in line, to keep you running on this hamster wheel, waiting for your next fix, obediently obeying our masters while crushing all your own most basic instincts in the name of this pathetic american life.

sob.wail.slit wrists.

Da Old Man said...

Most bosses are a PITA, just because. The stories I could tell.....

Speedcat Hollydale said...

First of all, I love the labels for this post ... LOL!!!
Seems like any job I've had has people that are a bit on the crazy side. I really enjoyed this post :-)
Maybe you could use my chili recipe on my latest post?

Hello from Speedcat!!

MK said...

It certainly takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. I could use alot less contact with some of them tho! haha

I sure don't miss my days of being a small cafe cook!

Maybe you could write "The Server Memoir" ;-)

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