Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What should have been a great day....

Today has been a great day...sort of. I went to work once again at 10am. Work was going ok then my enemy calls me and left me a message telling me her job interview went great and she got the job. YESSSS!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!.

So its nearing the end of my shift and my manager asks me if I can stay later- Iwas confused because they had plenty of coverage and believe me me we didn't have people knocking down the doors to get in.

Well it turn's out SHE CALLED OUT. I really could of screamed at that point. But like a good employee with a great work ethic, I sucked it up and said I would work a little while longer. You all know the rest...because as usual its after 9:00 and I just got home.

So instead of enjoying the little bit of sunshine I would of gotten to see today, I slaved and sweated serving people there steaks.

On a side note, they did interview and hire 1 person today to work nights, so my life might go back to semi-normal.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Co-workers

I have been having problems lately at work with someone who was my friend outside of the workplace. The past 2 weeks, she has been making up lies about me to managers, talking about me behind my back and most importantly trying to get me fired. She has been causing my life to be hell.

What I don't understand is that we work in different departments, it's not like she wants my job either. I find out today after all the things she has done to me, she is going on a job interview tomorrow because she is tired of the restaurant industry. So WHY try to sabotage my career??? These are the questions I ask myself when I lay awake at night for hours, stressed out about whether or not I'll have a job when I wake up.

So, today I get to work at 10am ready to start my 10 hr. shift. Everything is going great, and then she shows up. I typically try to ignore her, which is hard because we have been friends for 5 years. Anyway, it's nearing the end of my shift, my back hurts, my feet hurt, I'm ready to leave. I have 20 minutes left and SHE seats 2 people in my section. I go over to the table to find out its a business meeting (oh great!!!). So phone meetings, laptop set up and not wanting to eat right away take place. Finally, a hour and a half later they leave. Meanwhile, she has left as usual on time, and I get stuck working 11 and a half hours, as if 10 wasn't bad enough. I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I am praying she gets this job tomorrow.

Please hope for me, because I don't know how much longer I can last.


Sunday, April 27, 2008


The hotel is very strict. After all the training, if you still are there, you are considered very lucky. I don't know why you should feel lucky, because now you are ready to work 10-12 hour days and get yelled at pretty much at least once a hour. It makes for an awesome day. My first fight with management took place about my shoes.


These shoes are the standard "waitressing shoes". They tried to tell me these were sneakers. They are not sneakers, if anything they are more like boots. Secondly, they are made by a company for Payless that specializes in making non-marking, slip resistant and a special grease feature that isn't usually found in normal sneakers. From now on I wear longer pants, and hide my "sneakers".

Rules, Rules, Rules

About 2 months ago, a hotel close to my house was changing owners and was opening a brand new fine dining steakhouse inside of it. I was looking for a new restaurant to work at and this place seemed like it would be a good fit for me. After the incredibly grueling interview process, I was hired. I had never worked at an eating establishment located in a hotel before and I was going to learn how very different it was.

I started training the next day, the training period was 2 weeks long. All the restaurants I've worked at you basically came in that day, got your uniform and started working. We received our uniforms and a booklet on how to care for them as well as how to properly wear them. Also in this booklet were the rules on how to wear your hair ( "brushed, clean, and in a conservative style ponytail"), what color your make-up should be, rules about how many earrings are allowed in each ear(1) , and finally no perfume.

I remember reading this and thinking how bad I wanted to go home and find a new job immediately. But I need the money, so I stuck it out.


Lots of people have their share of horror stories from waitressing. Many people choose this job as a short-term position to earn some extra money. For me, it is my means of survival. It pays my bills (when its busy enough), helps finance my obsession of shopping, and occasionally leaves me some extra cash for future savings.

Aside from all that, I spend 8 (usually more) hours a day people watching. For people-watchers like me this is our dream job. I have received lessons in cultural, race and gender differences that I could not have learned anywhere else. Its amazing to witness how 2 tables right next to each other can be so different. These are the tales of my aching feet.