Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anxiety Attack Day

The hotel where I work serves a free lunch for its employees during a 2 hour time period. So basically I get to work, grab my free lunch and eat quickly in the kitchen. I do this so I don't waste my 30 minute break within my first hour of work. Anyways, today I get to my work at my normal time, gossip with people about what happened so far that day and then go get my lunch. I'm standing in the kitchen eating when another waitress walks in and tells me a table has just been sat. So i swallow quickly and rush out to the dining room.

Who is at this table? Oh that's right, the owner/general manager of the whole hotel and another equally important person he is meeting with. I'm very confident so I walk over, greet them and ask what they would like to drink. He interrupts me and asks what kind of soup we have (I have literally been here 30 mins, 15 of which was spent getting lunch. I told him I think we have none, which after confirming with the kitchen was correct. (Yes 1 point for me). They order drinks and place there food orders with no problems. Well unless you count her ordering iced-coffee when we don't serve that(We're not Dunkin Donuts). But no problems I can make that happen. All my rushing around to make this drink and I forget to give her a saucer for the mug(which I didn't see as a huge problem since she wasn't going to be drinking out the mug anyway). So the manager yells at me basically making me feel like the dumbest person to exist in front of 5 other co-workers. (Minus 100 points for me)

Everything else goes OK, except for the fact I can't stop sweating and my heart is beating a mile a minute since my job is on the line. They finish their meal and leave the restaurant. A couple hours later during our meeting, I overhear employees talking about how we are no longer using saucers for the coffee cups. So to save myself from getting yelled at after the head manager and my manager have their meeting, I tell him how I get yelled at for following procedure. Little did I even know this was now a proper procedure. So he says he will speak to the owner for yelling at me like that. YESSS Don't need to worry about getting fired today.

Seriously it seems like a silly reason to get fired, but that is how this corporation is. They are a very well know hotel chain and do not take tiny mistakes.

Overall, it was a decent day.


Da Old Man said...

Don't sweat it kiddo.

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